Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance coverage is difficult for a company to manage because of the high potential for abuse and fraud. Pinnacle Industries eliminates these risks by having all your employees covered under our workers compensation policy. Pinnacle Industries assumes the liability for employee injuries without requiring you to prepay premiums, deposits or audits. In addition, we handle all of your risk management, claims management, year-end audits, employee safety programs, and certificate of insurance requests.

Pinnacle Industries helps you manage workers compensation by:
  • Eliminating your workers compensation exposure by having Pinnacle Industries listed as the employer of record
  • Allowing you to pay only a certain percentage every pay period with our “pay as you go” workers compensation
  • Handling certificate of insurance requests and claims management
  • Requiring no workers' compensation deposits, large premiums or audits
  • Establishing a risk management program with a proven track record
  • Implementing employee safety and return to work programs