Payroll Processing

With Pinnacle Industries' payroll processing services and employer-side tax administration, you'll have the confidence in knowing that your employees will receive their payroll in a timely manner, and all the related taxes and employment verification requirements will be completely handled for you by our competent professionals. In addition, Pinnacle Industries offers a comprehensive online payroll program which allows both you and your employees to have secure access to important payroll information.

Pinnacle Industries' payroll services include:
  • Accurate, on-time payroll processing and distribution
  • Direct Deposits
  • Administration of benefit deductions, child support and garnishments
  • Secure client login and employee access to reports
  • Payroll record maintenance and management
  • Employee verification and I-9 forms
  • Payroll tax compliance and filing of quarterly and annual reports
  • W2’s and annual tax reports
  • ACH payment of invoices